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Use Your Outdoor Voice

People in a canoe on Bluestone Lake

Summers County, West Virginia was made for outdoor enthusiasts. With our rolling mountains and rambling rivers, there's plenty of adventure to be found for the whole family. And when it comes to spending time with family, time outside certainly has its advantages. Science says that being outside can improve concentration, lower stress, increase Vitamin D, and help you sleep better. We say that spending time outdoors just makes you feel better and you'll have loads of fun while reaping all of the benefits. So go ahead and plan a visit! Ride a bike, hike a trail, camp under the stars, paddle the water, or play some golf. And while you're here, we encourage you to use your outdoor voice!

Zipline at Pipestem Resort State Park

Pipestem Peaks Zipline will have you screaming through the trees as you soar high above the Bluestone National Scenic River. Your knowledgeable and trusty guides will lead you on nine amazing zips that will carry you from the top of the Bluestone Gorge to the river below, with a scenic tram ride that takes you back up the mountain. We guarantee that your outdoor voice will not be disappointed!

If your adventurous spirit is more in tune with both feet planted firmly on the ground, our trails have you covered. Bring on the "oohs & ahhs" as you hike to scenic mountain vistas, riverside views, and some pretty awe-inspiring waterfalls. There are miles of trails to enjoy with the family within our parks' system. Find your favorite at Pipestem Resort and Bluestone State Parks or the New River Gorge National River.

Boat floating the New River Gorge National River.

Make some noise as you float the rivers. We have three! The Greenbrier, the Bluestone, and the New are perfect for family friendly floats, and are certain to encourage shouts of delight. Local outfitters will have you riding the river like a pro in no time.

If lake life is more your speed, then you'll love the Bluestone; the eagles certainly do!

Whether you're yelling "fore" on the golf courses, or "giddy-up" on horseback, there are plenty of ways to spend time outside with family in Summers County, and you'll never hear us say, "Shhh... use your inside voice!"


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