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Put a little Spring in your Step

Spring is a time for all living things to get active! So put a little spring in your step, and get outside. Walking in nature is a great way to awaken your connection to the natural world. When you tune into nature you become more alert, more aware, and you can feel your spirit become bright with the immerging colors and renewed life of springtime. From riverside walks, to mountain top views there’s a trail for everyone, and the perfect trail is always the one you’re on! So, pick a day, find a trail, and reconnect; you’ll be glad you did!

For a few of our favorite trails read below. For more trail options to keep you in tune with nature this spring click here.


Bluestone Turnpike Trail - Meandering along the Bluestone National Scenic River this eight mile trail follows an old riverbank road between Bluestone State Park and Pipestem Resort State Park. It can be a bit muddy, especially in the spring, and that’s why we wear hiking boots! It’s a fairly moderate walk, with just a few small hills, and the trilliums of spring are everywhere!


Big Branch Trail - Early Spring on the Big Branch Trail is a great opportunity to discover those early blooming wildflowers such as trout lilies, toothwort, and bloodroot. Several cascades make for nice photo opportunities. This 2 mile loop trail is a bit strenuous, but well worth the time, and offers some nice views of the New River.


Sandstone Falls Boardwalk & Island Loop Trail - The ¼ mile boardwalk and the ½ mile loop trail are a pretty easy way to enjoy the beauty of Sandstone Falls. The boardwalk is handicapped accessible making it possible for everyone to enjoy the falls. Soak in the sounds of the mighty New River as it drops 10-25 feet over conglomerate and sandstone rock.


Big Pine Trail - Bluestone State Park has its fair share of hiking trails, with Big Pine being one of our favorites. This 1.7 mile trail is moderate to difficult and offers scenic views of the Bluestone, as well as flora, and fauna. It's a nice trail to hike while engaging your senses with the sights and sounds of springtime.


Lake Shore Trail - Take in the beauty of Long Branch Lake at Pipestem Resort State Park. Lake Shore Trail is approximately 3 miles, and is relatively level with a slight incline or two. Embrace the newness of spring as you encircle the lake along the shoreline and through the woodland.


Hinton Walking Tour - For those that prefer to experience a spring walk in a historic town kinda way, the Hinton Walking Tour is just for you! Discover the history and charm of this railroad town as you take in the spring blooms on tree lined streets, filled with various styles of architecture. Informational kiosks can be found along the tour.



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